Invisible Ink Modules

This comprises the M series (not to be confused with the Master Rules modules).
Presumably the "M" stood for "Magic Marker"?:

M series M1 - Blizzard Pass
M2 - Maze of the Riddling Minotaur

M1 - Dungeons & Dragons Module for Basic Set - Blizzard Pass

Stock Code9067
AuthorDavid Cook
EditorTroy Denning
Interior ArtistsQuin? (uncredited)
Cover ArtistTimothy Truman (uncredited)
Party1 thief of levels 1-3 (4-5 characters of levels 2-3)

This adventure starts with your thief character on the run from angry villagers, intent on lynching you for murder, a crime which (presumably) you are innocent of. You slip on board a caravan, which promptly gets captured by the servants of a figure only known as "The Master". The adventure involves your escape from his prison, and his eventual defeat.

I rather like this adventure. You actually have some meaningful NPC interaction (unlike BSOLO), and a sense of humour is apparent. It takes advantage of your thief status for not only the kind of actions which you must perform to win i.e. stealthy ones, but also the reactions that people have towards you. Like most solo adventures, it is divided into numbered paragraphs, with options for new actions at the bottom of the paragraph. However, the difference is that some paragraphs are written in invisible ink, which is extremely frustrating when your invisible ink pen runs out (like mine did). Supposedly, you can use lemon juice instead, although I am yet to test this info-nugget. So you don't need to make a map, the cover contains a number of chunks of a map, which you can refer to when trying to visualise an encounter location.

If your copy is becoming somewhat faded, this site should help you out.

You are supplied with a pre-rolled character of first level, although you are allowed to use any thief character of up to third level. The surprising thing is that there is a section at the back which allows you to replay exactly the same dungeon, but for group play. Whilst this makes a nice short adventure that can be slipped into any wilderness adventure, it does seem to be somewhat redundant.

"Known World" Placement

"Blizzard Pass", in the Cruith mountains between the Five Shires and Darokin, although this is only mentioned in the "Group Play" section.

Historic Oddities

New Monsters

M2 - Dungeons & Dragons Expert Set Adventure Module -
Maze of the Riddling Minotaur

Stock Code9060
AuthorJeff Grubb
EditorMichael Williams
Interior ArtistKeith Parkinson
Cover ArtistTimothy Truman
Party1 character of level 6

I have yet to play this solo adventure, so I can't really say much more than the fact that there is a group play section at the back of the adventure. There is a pull-out section of 4 pages in the centre of the module containing the maps for this adventure. The maze map is two pages wide, divided into squares, numerous sections of which are missing. These are supposed to be uncovered by the invisible ink pen. Unfortunately, my recently acquired copy had already been filled in! [Note to self: perhaps a DHTML version of this could be created...] However, I seem to remember that at the Acaeum, there are hints to help you finish the adventure.

Unlike most modules, the New Monsters and Pre-Generated Characters sections are actually on the inside cover.

"Known World" Placement

None, really. This adventure is supposed to be set on the north of the isle of Vacros. Your character(s) is supposed to come from the isle of Cathos.

New Monsters